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Dungeon Explorer & Neutopia Coming To TurboGrafx-16 Wii U Virtual Console

Two more TurboGrafx-16 games are heading to the Wii U Virtual Console. Dungeon Explorer is a Gauntlet-like game that supports up to five players simultaneously. This hack and slash dungeon crawler can be fun with the right crowd. I played it back in the 1990s and it really didn’t capture my interest for too long. Still, if you have friends that enjoy this type of adventure, then you’ll find some enjoyment here.

Dungeon Explorer is a multiplayer Action/RPG where up to 5 players can play at the same time. You can choose from 8 different character types: Fighter, Thief, Warlock, Witch, Bishop, Elf, Bard, or Knome. Depending on the character, the types of magic you can use, your attack strength, and your movement will all vary. To survive, you most know all about your enemies’ weaknesses. You must also know about the special attributes of each magic spell and use them to your greatest advantage. In team-play games, working together is the key to victory.



Neutopia is a Zelda clone. It’s not a horrible game and actually looks pretty nice for the TG-16. The music is nowhere near as good, but it’s still a worth your time if you haven’t played it before.

In this action role-playing game, you take control of a brave boy who sets off on a journey to rescue the kidnapped princess and reclaim the 8 medallions that were stolen by the evil demon, Dirth. You’ll need to rely on your magic compass and information you’ve gathered to find entrances to labyrinths and defeat the bosses in them. Solve puzzles, avoid traps, move blocks, and destroy walls to uncover secret rooms in the labyrinths. Carefully use your map to uncover hidden treasure and powerful equipment. Travel the land, underground, sea, and sky on your quest to recover the medallions.



Both games will be available on March 2, 2017. You can download them for $5.99 each on the eShop.


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