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New Methods Of Friending Coming Soon To Switch

In our original story we showcased the different ways in which you can add friends on the Nintendo Switch. Many people were a bit dismayed to see that one of the options includes sending a Friend Code out and having to put in a 12 digit code to add someone.

Polygon reached out to Nintendo about this, and got a response. It turns out that more methods will be added in the future.


Several methods can be used to add friends as quickly and easily as possible: · By linking Nintendo Switch to your Nintendo Account, your friends from Miitomo and Super Mario Run will appear as friend candidates so you can easily send them a friend request. Also, we are planning it so that friends from social networking services will be listed as candidates, too.

In the future, you will be able to send a friend request to friends associated with your NNID (Wii U/Miiverse) and Nintendo 3DS.

In some games you will be able to use an in-game interface to send friend requests.

You can send friend requests to those who have played with you recently.

You can establish a friend through local wireless communication.

You can also send a friend request by using a friend code.


This is just one more indication that the Nintendo Switch is releasing hot. Many of its features seem to be “coming soon”, but luckily the most important function of playing games is intact!


[Source: Polygon]


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