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Nintendo Switch: How To Merge eShop Funds

If you currently have a balance in your virtual wallet on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U and want access to that money on your Nintendo Switch, it’s a simple endeavor. There are actually several different ways to do this, all of which were oblivious to me as I set out to purchase some digital goods last night. Avoid my frustration by following one of the methods below:


On Your Switch

When you setup your Nintendo Switch for the first time, one of the screens will ask you to link it to your Nintendo Account. You will want to do this to tie your purchases to your account. After the initial setup, and system update, you can then access the eShop. Go into the eShop via the HOME screen (bottom row of icons). It will have you sign in for your first time. If no one else is using the same system, I recommend checking the box to skip a password every time you log in. Once in there, tap your icon in the upper right of the page and you can select Add Funds. When you do this it will ask you to merge your accounts. Follow the screen prompts to do so and you’ll gain access to your funds.

Another method you can try, and the one I ultimately went with somewhat by accident, is by going through your user settings. To do this, select or tap the icon in the top left of the HOME screen. Mine’s labeled “Craig’s Page”. Once there, on the left sidebar select User Settings. Then scroll down on the right side and you’ll come across Nintendo eShop Settings. Go into that and, assuming you already linked everything up, a pop-up notification will appear asking if you want to merge your funds. Follow the prompts and your money will be ready for you to spend in no time.


Nintendo Account Site

If you login to your Nintendo Account (accounts.nintendo.com) there is now a Shop Menu icon in the navigation menu. Click that and it will come up with your wallet information. There should be a Merge Funds text link if you haven’t already done the merge. This will all happen in a few seconds and you’ll be good to go!


Overall it’s not difficult to merge funds, but it would have been nice if the first time accessing the eShop it simply popped up a window asking if you wanted to merge them. I spent a good 15 minutes early this morning trying to figure how to do so. Hopefully this article will save someone else from the same fate. Happy gaming!


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