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Update: Blaster Master Zero Adding Pro Controller Support

Pro Controller Patch Announced For March 16
Updated 3/8/17


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We don’t know about you, but we’re beyond excited that Blaster Master Zero is coming to the Nintendo Switch this week in North America. Sure, we didn’t get it last week on launch like Japan did, but let’s be honest, you’ve been playing Zelda all week anyway, right?

One of the big misses for the Japanese launch of the game was that the game didn’t support the Pro Controller. Luckily, the developers are hard at work at patching that in. In a tweet, Inti Creates says that “The Japanese version currently doesn’t have it. Doing everything we can to have a Day 1 patch ready for the NA/EU release”. So, if it’s not already implemented on Thursday when the game launches, it should be very soon. That’s great news for those that really wanted to play with the Pro Controller and a real d-pad.

For more on Blaster Master Zero, hit up our preview. It contains more information on the game as well as video and screens.


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