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New Dragon Quest XI Screens

It’s been a long time in development, but Dragon Quest XI looks like it’s nearing completion. It’s currently scheduled to release this year in Japan, and although no official announcement has been made for the west, it’s a pretty sure bet that at least the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions should make it out sometime in 2018. Hopefully the 3DS version would be localized as well, but it’s hard to know whether or not the 3DS market will be viable next year or not, and whether Nintendo would help out like they have with parts VII and VIII.



Square Enix updated their official site today with some brand new screens of Dragon Quest XI for the PS4 and 3DS. Although it has been announced as coming out for the Nintendo Switch, there still isn’t a dedicated spot on the site for that version, and we have yet to see official screens or video showing what it’s going to look like. Given the power of the Switch, we expect it to be a port of the PS4 version, but until an announcement is made, it’s pure conjecture.



The PS4 version looks fantastic, with bright colors and fantastic locales. The amount of detail in the towns is unparalleled in the history of the Dragon Quest franchise, and we’re already eager to explore every square inch.



The 3DS version also looks very good, especially for the aging handheld. The graphics look better than those seen in the recent Dragon Quest releases over here, and the option to play it in a 3D world or retro with 2D graphics is certainly appealing.



For more information on Dragon Quest XI, be sure to stop by our preview. We’ll have more on this game as its release approaches!


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