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Pocket Rumble Preview

Some games were just meant to be on the Nintendo Switch, and Pocket Rumble looks to be one of them thanks to the detachable Joy-Cons. It’s a one-on-one fighting game inspired by the classic SNK fighters of yesteryear on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It is being designed to allow for newcomers to the game to be able to quickly learn and execute the move sets available for each fighter in as little time as possible. This will create a more even playing field amongst all competitors and should hopefully avoid overwhelming a novice gamer with hundreds of moves.



The game will use traditional fight moves, but to simplify things will reduce the number of action buttons to two: light and heavy. Each character will have a small, focused set of essential normal attacks best suited for their overall play style. In addition, each character will have four special moves, which will be easily executed with the analog stick and button presses. All of the characters use the same buttons for their specials, so if you’ve learned how to perform one, you’ve learned them all, but of course each will look and behave differently depending on the character being used.



Pocket Rumble is still in development, but it’s targeting a release later this month. As the days tick by, it’s looking like it could be slightly pushed into April, but we’ll keep you updated. From what we’ve seen, the game looks like a fun time killer amongst friends. It will retail as a console exclusive for $9.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop and will utilize HD Rumble so you can feel every punch and kick.



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