Graceful Explosion Machine Preview


The name of the game is Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM), and that’s also the name of your fighter ship! In this 2D side-scrolling shooter, you’ll take on hordes of enemies with your variety of weapons onboard your state of the art spacecraft. To make it out alive, you’ll need to shoot, dash, and combo your way through jewel-hued alien worlds to find your way home.



To aid you in your expedition, your ship comes equipped with four unique and devastating weapons, any of which can be utilized anytime you wish. This quad-weapon array will give you the tools you need to dispatch all sorts of enemy vermin. You have the Blaster, Energy Sword, Sniper Beam, and Missiles at your disposal. Use them wisely! There will be plenty to shoot down with fast paced skill-based action that allows for a deep combo system to net you an even higher score.



There are over 30 levels to blast your way through, with four unique worlds to add some variety to the mix. In addition to the main mode, there’s also a Score Attack, which will be specially tuned for getting combos and even higher scores.



This unique game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch for a limited time. It supports HD Rumble so you’ll feel every blast in the palms of your hands. It’s scheduled to come out in April of 2017 via the eShop.




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