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VIDEO: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Introducing Wonder Girl Trailer

The classic cult hit, Wonder Boy 3 is coming to a new generation of gamers. This time around players will be able to pick from Wonder Boy or Wonder Girl as they traverse levels in search of a cure to a dastardly curse. The game has been revamped with beautiful 2D visuals, but the original 8-bit version can be accessed at anytime as well!



We started working on our remake of The Dragon’s Trap a long time ago. Early on, when it was a 2-person bedroom project, we contacted Mr Nishizawa asking for the possibility of using their IP. At the time we were such a small team that we didn’t consider talking to Sega of Japan regarding use of the trademark, and we assumed that we could follow the route that Hudson Soft and many others went down decades ago with “Adventure Island”, “Dragon’s Curse”, which was to license the game contents but without the Wonder Boy title. It was at that time, maybe 2014, that we first considered using another title for the game, and among our early characters researchs we considered replacing the Hu-Man character with a female equivalent.

Fast-forward years later: the project has been signed by DotEmu, we’ve moved to work full-time on it, and we have obtained a license by Sega to use the beloved Wonder Boy title. Everything was moving forward like a dream!

We went back and decided that along with the classic Wonder Boy character, we would introduce a new Wonder Girl character! It is a small detail, but keeping in mind that an 8 year old girl could be playing the game today, we felt that it was the right thing to do. When you start the game you can select either character and get cursed all the same after a few minutes! Haha! And because this is a game where your hero undergoes a lot of transformations, we left the animals characters as-is. We also changed the end-game so that you can keep playing as the human character.

(And of course we considered using the amazing Asha from Monster World IV, but Mr Nishizawa was against it because he said that the world of those two games don’t overlap!)



For more on Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, be sure to stop by our preview. Only a month to go before this remake hits the eShop!


[Source: Dragon’s Trap Blog]

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