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New Nintendo Switch GameStop Bundle

We don’t normally go out of our way to post the various Nintendo Switch GameStop bundles that have been showing up on that retailer’s site. In general, we’re not fans of forced bundles, but during a time where it’s very difficult to locate a system, and with a holiday coming up, we thought we’d make an exception.

So, as many readers know, the Nintendo Switch continues to be difficult to find at retailers nationwide. Although there was a major shipment to brick and mortar stores like GameStop, Toys R Us, Target, and Best Buy, the demand has far outstripped supply. Trying to buy one online has proven even more difficult for many customers.



That’s part of the reason GameStop has resorted to forced bundles on its website. As you can imagine, naked systems (with nothing extra added) would be sold out instantly, and probably resold on sites like Ebay. By bundling in items that can’t be returned, GameStop slows down that reseller process and gives real customers a chance to purchase one. Now, they’ve had a few different bundles over the past month, but this one actually contains stuff that we’ve purchased ourselves. You don’t get a price break with the bundle, but in our opinion everything included is worth the price of admission. You get:

All of this comes to $449.99 – the same price you’d pay if bought separately from GameStop. It’s a pretty good combination of items for new owners. Zelda is a must-have and both Snipperclips and Super Bomberman R are really fun games to play with two or more players. Since the Switch already comes with two Joy-Con controllers, you’re set for multiplayer mayhem out of the box. The system will ship by April 5, 2017, leaving plenty of time to get it in time for the Easter holiday weekend.

As usual, supplies are probably very tight. We don’t expect this one to last for very long.


[Source: GameStop]


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