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Splatoon 2: Two New Stages & Meet Murch

The official Splatoon 2 Tumblr account has been busy updating with new information. Over the weekend the site introduced gamers to a new character named Murch. He’s one of the vendors in Splatoon 2 that will let you purchase new gear. New this time around is the ability to scrub gear, wiping the additional abilities on any piece to return it back to its original state. These abilities that are removed will be returned to the player as ability chunks, which can then b used to fill an empty gear slot with a new ability. This should allow for a higher level of customization than ever before.



Two new arenas were shown off as well. Humpback Pump Track in an indoor BMX track that the Inklings use for Turf War.


It features many curvy ups and downs, and the bike track surrounds a small hill in the middle. You’d think the openness makes for great visibility, but the hump abundance creates a surprising amount of blind spots. Inklings can employ multiple strategies, including frontal breakthroughs or attacking from the side.

Oh… and we just realized that jellyfish can ride bikes? What!?




Starfish Mainstage is an outdoor music venue that hosts concerts.


The now legendary “Squid Squad” played here once, and its considered a bit of a holy site for devotees of rock music. It’s a wonder that all the ink  spray doesn’t cause the equipment to short circuit, but I guess they’ve got it figured out.



Not that you need reminding, but Splatoon 2 is heading to the Nintendo Switch this summer. For more screens, videos, and information, splat by our preview page.


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