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Mr. Shifty Preview

The Nintendo Switch has been on fire with Indie games, giving us some great titles pretty much on a weekly basis since the system launched on March 3. Now we have Mr. Shifty coming out, which promises to be a high-octane action game that has your character shifting through walls to assassinate his foes. This shifting mechanic gives you the power to dodge bullets, cover huge distances, and basically be anywhere you want to be in a matter of seconds.



You’ll need all as many advantages as you can get as the waves of enemies descend upon your position. You’ll need to use distraction and trickery to outsmart your foes. Some areas will require you to use stealth to sneak up on the enemies and take them out before they see you. But be careful, if they spot you they’ll get their buddies to team up and take you out before you know it.



Team Shifty has a unique art style to it, blending a cartoony graphic style with more gritty and realistic animation. The viewpoint is from the top down to give you a bird’s eye view of the environment and allow you to strategically take out groups of enemies before they even know what hit them. You’ll rack up the bodycount as you attempt to break into the world’s most secure facility.



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