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Shakedown: Hawaii Preview

Do you remember the first couple iterations of Grand Theft Auto, where you played from an overhead viewpoint? Well, take that idea, mix in SNES-style 16-bit graphics and place the action in the tropics and you begin to get a clear picture of Shakedown: Hawaii. Built from the ground-up by the same developer as Retro City Rampage, this pseudo-sequel contains the same intense action and chaos, but is pumped up with even better graphics and more intricate gameplay.

This time around you play an older gentleman who is trying to acquire property to expand his dynasty. You will need to procure businesses and build your corporate empire to destroy the competition. The same open world nature of Retro City Rampage is here, and there’s still plenty of guns and explosions to go along with it. You can once again hop in various vehicles and run people over or just cause mayhem. There will be all sorts of missions to complete to become the most lucrative businessman in the land.

We will have much more on the game as it approaches release date. While it was originally reported that the game was targeting an April 2017 date on the Nintendo Switch, it appears that the game may take a bit longer to complete. It’s still scheduled for this year, but the timing is still to be determined. The game will be made available via the eShop for somewhere around $14.99 – $19.99. Once final details are announced, we’ll be sure to update the preview. Until then, this is just one more awesome looking Indie game to be excited for on the Switch.


Craig Majaski

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