VIDEO: ARMS Nintendo Direct Footage & New Screens

ARMS is Nintendo’s brand new IP that is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. Previously announced as a Spring 2017 release, we finally got an official release date of June 16, 2017. That’s right, the game comes out the day after E3 ends this year, so expect to see this one on the show floor.

Much of the appeal of ARMS are the various load outs you can give your characters. You’ll be able to customize each fighter to your style of combat. There are different ARMS, such as Glove Type, Multi-Shot Type, Curve Type, and Heavy Type, to name a few. Each ARM will have special attribute, like Fire, Electric, Wind, or Ice (and even more). You can unlock new ARMS with in-game currency to keep things fresh and exciting.

When ARMS was shown off for the first time in January, the game looked fun, but now that we know more it looks fantastic! It merges various games like Punch-Out with Power Stone and even maybe a little bit of Overwatch with the characters.

The new video below goes into detail about all of these things and more! We’re loving the art direction and the idea of playing 4-player battles. We’ll have more as we get closer to launch, and be sure to punch the link to our preview page for more videos and screens.



One of the biggest features in the upcoming fighting game is the ability to equip two types of customizable ARMS per fighter. These ARMS range from standard gloved ARMS to curved weapons like boomerangs. Each ARM has a special attribute like fire, ice or electricity that activates when delivering a charge punch. As players fight through the game, they will earn in-game currency that can be used to play the ARM Getter, a fun mode in which they can get new ARMS for their fighters. The fast-paced game can be played in 1-v-1 matches or even 2-v-2* for more entertainingly chaotic battles. During the Nintendo Direct presentation, a new character was also revealed: the super-fast, ramen-armed Min Min. ARMS launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 16. In addition, special Neon Yellow Joy-Con controllers and Joy-Con Straps will be released separately on the same day alongside a Joy-Con AA Battery Pack accessory.


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