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Updated 5/3/17



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There’s no shortage of indie games on the Nintendo Switch. Every week since launch there’s been at least one new release, and now we’ve got a release date for TumbleSeed: May 2, 2017! The premise of the game is quite simple: make it to the top of the mountain alive!

In TumbleSeed you’ll be controlling a platform that can be rotated with the Joy-Cons’ analog sticks. You must balance your seed and successfully navigate and roll it to out of harm’s way. There will be a bunch of hazards to avoid, including enemies, traps, holes, and more.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game features HD Rumble to give players more immersion. For an added challenge you can give a Joy-Con to a friend and try and balance together!

The mountain you’re rolling up is procedurally generated, meaning you’ll never play the exact same game twice. You’ll earn upgrades to help you on your way, and you’ll need them to conquer each of the five worlds. With over 30 power-ups, the game will have plenty to offer.




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