Miitopia Preview

Have you ever wanted to take your Miis on an epic RPG adventure? Well, you’re in luck because with Miitopia you’ll soon be able to do just that. But it won’t be easy as each Mii has his or her own personality that can sometimes cause friction between your team!



Miitopia features classic turn-based combat and it’s up to your team of savvy fighters to save the land of Miitopia. Each character will have different roles and some will be friends and others will become rivals. You’ll be able to give them specific jobs with distinct stats, abilities, gear, and even a custom look.



Your goal is to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia. Unique to this game are the battles, which can depend on the relationship status of your party members. You’ll be able to watch your Miis interact with each other while eating food, camping, exercising, and of course in combat. Enemies will attack while you explore the world map, which must be explored fully to uncover all of the hidden treasures and secrets.



Miitopia is compatible with amiibo figures so you can tap them and unlock new costumes or tickets. These tickets give you access to mini-games in the arcade, where you can have fun and maybe even win unique prizes. Miitopia is scheduled to come out sometime in 2017 for the 3DS.




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