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Monopoly For Nintendo Switch Preview

The classic board game, Monopoly, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch this fall. This isn’t a huge surprise, as the electronic version has been made available on pretty much every device known to man, dating all the way back to the Commodore 64 (I have fond memories of playing that one as a kid).



Of course, the Nintendo Switch version of Monopoly will come with some new bells and whistles. The board is completely rendered in 3D as are the various properties. Each token features unique animations and the boards will transform and evolve right in front of your eyes as you progress in the game. You’ll even be able to unlock new tokens and other surprises as you go.



Given the nature of the Switch’s hardware, you’ll be able to enjoy Monopoly anywhere at anytime. Of course you can still sit around the TV and enjoy a game, but now you’ll be able to play a game in places where it’s been difficult to do so in the past – such as on a plane or a bus.



The game supports up to 6 players and utilizes the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble functionality to simulate actual dice moving around inside. If you don’t have time for a full game of Monopoly, the game also features shorter modes that allow for special goals that can be reached to win the game. You can also spice things up with Action Cards enabled. At the beginning of the game you’ll draw three of them, and they will give you special benefits, such as moving around the board faster, penalizing opponents, or even netting you extra money.



There are a total of three different boards: Classic City, Amusement Park, and Haunted Town. While this is a nice variety, I can’t help but think it’s a huge missed opportunity to partner with Nintendo for some exclusive boards featuring Pokémon, Mario, or Zelda – just like in real life. If you don’t have any friends nearby to join in a game, you can connect online to challenge other players in quick matches or customized sessions.



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2 thoughts on “Monopoly For Nintendo Switch Preview

  • When is this availble, which territory (UK?) and how much for? Is it digital or available to buy in stores?

    • Hi Kyle.

      Monopoly doesn’t have a firm release date as of yet, but it’s scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in Fall of 2017 in North America. Ubisoft hasn’t announced a price yet. As of now it appears it will be both digital and retail, but that hasn’t been confirmed either. We will update our preview with that information as we get it. Hopefully at E3 (which is in mid-June) we’ll have a better idea.

      Thanks for visiting!


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