Sonic Forces Preview

Sonic Forces is the new 3D adventure game coming to the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. It’s being created by the same team behind Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors. It will merge the 3D Sonic with the classic 2D Sonic in new an unique ways to create an amazing Sonic experience at home or on the on the go.



There will be multiple types of stages and goals. Some will play like previous games, where you simply need to progress to the end, while others will have other criteria, such as completing a course in a certain time.

Dr. Eggman (Robotnik for those old-school gamers out there) is back and this time he has won! He’s managed to conquer about 99% of the world with his robotic army and now it’s up to Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic to team up and stop him once and for all.



There is still much to learn about the new Sonic Forces game. We hear that Sega will have more to show in June at E3, so stay tuned!



Craig Majaski

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