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The Jackbox Party Pack 4 Announced

Although The Jackbox Party Pack 3 just released on the Nintendo Switch a couple of weeks ago, the sequel has just been announced today. In a wholly original and surprising twist, the new title will be called The Jackbox Party Pack 4 and will be “coming to major digital marketplaces this fall”. Does that include the Nintendo Switch? We think it will, since the Switch has been selling extremely well and is a popular device. Of course, until it’s 100% confirmed don’t take this announcement as gospel, but we believe the odds are very good.



So what’s new in the sequel? Well, we don’t know much at this point. It has been announced that Fibbage 3 is one of the games included in the package. Fans of prior Jackbox Games will probably be happy to see this one return. Basically it’s a trivia game where each player puts in his or her answer and then everyone must try and guess the correct one. It’s one of our favorite games and we’re happy to see it make a return with new questions.

We’ll have more on the game as announcement are made. Until then, you can currently play part 3 on the Switch right now. In fact, we are doing that today (what a coincidence) and hope to have a review up on Monday.


Here at Jackbox games, we try to be unpredictable. Sure, every entry in our critically-acclaimed series of party game collections has included the words “The Jackbox Party Pack,” but each one has a completely different number at the end. So, when we decided to make a new one this year, we rolled our twenty-sided die as usual. It landed on two, but we did that one already. So, after nine more re-rolls, we are excited to announce The Jackbox Party Pack 4, coming to major digital marketplaces this Fall!

And, as you might have guessed from that logo up there, the first game in the pack is Fibbage 3. If you’ve played the prequels, you’ll know the joy of fooling your friends with your clever lies, while hunting for the real answers to ridiculous trivia questions. And if you haven’t, there’s plenty of time! The new one won’t be out for months!

Especially eagle-eyed fans might notice that there are 10 choices in that screenshot, rather than the traditional max of nine. That’s because this time around, the audience gets to join the fun by voting on their own decoy lies, and guessing the truth along with the players. Now, fooling the audience can really boost your score, so make sure to get as many gullible people as possible to join!

There’s a lot more to say about Fibbage 3 and JPP4, but that’s all we can reveal right now. Stay tuned to the blog, and follow us on Twitter and Twitch for more info!


[Source: Jack Box Games]

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