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Kamiko Preview

Kamiko has received almost no promotion whatsoever in North America. In fact, the first time we had even heard about it was about a week ago when it launched on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop. Believe it or not it’s already heading our way in just two days. With a price of only $5, we admit that it has piqued our interest.



The game’s graphics have a very light resemblance to the original Zelda, but the actual gameplay is more arcade-like with stages to complete. You’ll be able to fight as one of three priestesses who must battle against various demons and solve puzzles to successfully navigate through the various stages.

Speaking of stages, there are only four here, each culminating in a boss battle. By all accounts the game can be finished in about an hour, but you can play through it multiple times with the different characters if you so choose.

Given that the game is only $5, its shortness might not be too big of a deal for some. As long as it’s fun that’s fine with me, but of course everyone’s definition of value is different. For now, watch the trailer and bask in the pretty screens. If you’re interested in Kamiko, you don’t have long to wait – it’s just two days from release.


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