VIDEO: Blaster Master Zero Version 1.2 Update Details

Blaster Master Zero is one of the best eShop games currently available for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a perfect mesh of classic nostalgia and modern gameplay. The game is about to get even better with some free updates!

Destroyer Mode allows gamers to play through the game at a higher difficulty setting. Some complained the game was a bit on the easy side (which I’ll take after the brutality of the NES original), but now there will be something for everyone.

Also arriving in the update is the EX Character Mode. This allows you to play the game with different characters, complete with their own movesets and power-ups! You can play as Gunvolt or Ekoro. They normally cost $1.99 each, but there is a small window of opportunity to download them for free. From May 4 through May 17, 2017 you can nab Gunvolt, and from June 1 through June 14, 2017 you can get Ekoro. Props to Inti Creates for letting early adopters get these enhanced characters for free.



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