NBA Playgrounds Will Get Online Play On Switch After Launch

NBA Playgrounds brings the fun and excitement of arcade basketball back to a Nintendo system. The good news is that the online play will come to the Nintendo Switch version, but there’s been a slight delay in getting the online portion up and running. As such, the game will receive the same 1v1 matches that the Xbox One and PS4 versions are receiving. All of the systems will also receive updates later in the year to support 2v2 and Tournaments. Nintendo Life asked the developers about the Switch version’s online functionality and got this response:


The online play for NBA Playgrounds Switch will *not* be available at launch – it will arrive a few days after launch via an update. Once this update comes out, the Switch version will have the exact same functionality as the PC, PS4, and Xbox One version – this means you can connect with people online and play against them 1v1, and there are online leaderboards. However online tournaments will not be up and running at launch for any platforms, this functionality will come at a later date via an update. We’ll share details on timing  for the online tournaments as soon as we get it.



[Source: Nintendo Life]

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