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EA Jumping On Board The Switch Hype Train

EA has had an on-again off-again relationship with Nintendo since, well forever! They didn’t really play ball with Nintendo on the NES, but eventually came around during the 16-bit era. They jumped ship when it came to the 3DS And Wii U, and now it appears they might be back on board for the Switch.

Previously the company had announced plans to bring FIFA 18 to the Switch, and that’s still on track for later this fall. However, during an earnings call today, EA pledged more support for the Nintendo Switch. According to Gaming Bolt:


Speaking to investors in a financial call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted that the company is now very bullish on the Nintendo Switch, expressing excitement for it bringing an entirely new ecosystem into the fold. He noted that EA is considering bringing more of its games to the system, in addition to the previously announced FIFA 18. He also reiterated EA’s relationship with Nintendo.


We already know a brand new console version of Need For Speed is heading to PS4 and Xbox One. Perhaps the popular car racing series will also hit Switch? We should hopefully learn more of EA’s plans during the week of E3.


[Source: Gaming Bolt]

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