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Nintendo Switch eShop Now Allows You To Save Credit Card Information

It’s no secret to those that own a Nintendo Switch that the eShop is a bit sparse when compared to the Wii U and 3DS versions. Gone are the fantastic background soundtracks and some other features.

One convenience that has been missing since launch is the ability to save credit card information to the eShop. That meant that every single time someone logged into the digital store they’d have to enter their payment information again. Thankfully Nintendo has updated the eShop to allow for storage of credit cards, complete with password protection so no one else can buy stuff on your Switch.

This is one small example of what we expect to continue to happen with the Switch over the course of the year. Nintendo should continuously add features to both the eShop and its operating system, just as it has done with prior consoles.


Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

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