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Now Able To View All Available Games On Switch eShop

Anyone that purchased a Nintendo Switch on launch day would probably admit that the Nintendo Switch seemed a little rushed to market. The absolute lack of any streaming video services, no Virtual Console games, and an extremely streamlined eShop all pointed to Nintendo needing to get the console out the door with a “we’ll worry about that later” attitude.

Luckily, Nintendo is doing exactly that and has been adding new functionality into its eShop. We reported earlier that you can now save your credit card so you don’t have to type it in again for every purchase. Well now they have made it a little easier to look at the entire library of games on the digital store. All you have to do is select “Recent Releases” and then scroll to the bottom where a “View All” button will bring up a new grid of games by release date. You can further narrow the results by price range and best sellers.


Image Credit: Nintendo Everything


As the weeks and months march by we fully expect Nintendo to continue to enhance its end-user experience. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year we’ll even get some eShop background music? I’d be OK with that as long as it didn’t slow down the zippy response time!


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