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Wargroove Preview

One of my favorite games on the Game Boy Advance was Advance Wars. It provided a perfect blend of tactics and turn-based action that was really fun to play. Plus, it featured bright and colorful graphics with a Japanese anime look to the characters and it just worked so well. Over the years fans of the series have hoped for a sequel, but with the rise in popularity of Fire Emblem, it seems that Intelligent Systems has moved on.



Thankfully we have another company trying to fill the void! Chucklefish is busy creating Wargroove for the Nintendo Switch. It features the similar turn-based mechanics and art style found in Advance Wars, but the actual characters and setting are closer to Fire Emblem. It’s true you’ll be battling with a troop of characters, but they’ll be wielding swords, spears, and arrows instead of driving around in tanks.



The developers aim to create a deep turn-based tactical system reminiscent of games like Advance Wars. They aim to recreate the charm and accessibility of those games and mix in modern gaming technology to create something truly magical. Wargroove will feature high resolution pixel art and robust online play to create the most complete experience for pans possible.



The game will allow for up to four players to battle it out, with each player taking control of an army and its commander to wage war on their enemies. This can take place locally or online and their are plans for complete rule customization as well as both competitive and co-op play! There’s also a full single player story mode that will allow gamers to choose from one of over twelve commanders from the four warring factions. Each commander has a lengthy campaign, allowing the player to explore his or her motivations and personalities.



Wargroove is on track to release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. We’re sure to learn more details soon, and as we do we’ll be sure to pass along the new media and information!




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