Bandai Namco Confirms Three Switch Games This Fiscal Year

Way back on January 15, 2017 we knew of Bandai Namco’s plans to release three Nintendo Switch games (with more undoubtedly yet to be announced). They went on record saying that a Tales game, a Taiko: Drum Master, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (name not final) would be arriving for Nintendo’s new console.

Now, in its latest financial statement filings, it’s been confirmed that all three of those games are scheduled to come out for the Nintendo Switch during this fiscal year. That means they should all be available by March 31, 2018 – at least in Japan. We don’t know if all of these games will make it to the States, but based on prior trends we do expect Dragon Ball and the Tales game to get localized. Taiko fans will most likely need to import or purchase the game via the Japanese eShop, unless we get lucky and it gets ported over here.

As for more details, we expect to learn more in the coming weeks as E3 approaches. It’s unknown if the Tales game will be a port of Berseria (the latest in the series) or something else altogether. We will be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.


[Source: Anime News Network via NeoGAF]

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