Rumor: The Legend Of Zelda Coming To Smart Devices

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is bringing a game in The Legend of Zelda franchise to smart devices. It has already dipped into existing IPs with Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes.

We already know a game based in the Animal Crossing series is scheduled to arrive sometime this year. The WSJ believes that Animal Crossing won’t arrive until the latter half of 2017 and that Zelda would most likely come out after that title. However, they’re not excluding the possibility of the releases flipping and Zelda coming out prior to Animal Crossing.

Details on the game have been kept under wraps. It’s unknown what type of game it would end up being, if it would feature the old-school 2D top-down view or go for a 3D adventure. Perhaps it will be something entirely different. The payment scheme is also unknown. Gamers will recall that Super Mario Run is being sold for $10 with no micro-transaction fees. But Nintendo’s latest smart device game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is free to play with the option to pay for in-game items.

Finally, almost out of the blue, the WSJ reports that the Pokémon Company is planning a new card-game app for smart devices as well. Will this be a full-fledged game, or something more akin to a Pokédex? We should find out later this year!

So, Zelda! What do you want to see in a mobile version? Let us know in the comments below!


[Source: The Wall Street Journal; Image Credit: ARS Technica]

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