Mighty Gunvolt Burst Preview

Inti Creates is back with a brand new Nintendo Switch eShop game and it’s releasing in under a month! Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the sequel to Mighty Gunvolt, which was a bite-sized 2D action game that released alongside Azure Striker Gunvolt. This time around the game is a full-fledged action game with completely revamped and powered-up gameplay enhancements.



You’ll be able to play as Gunvolt (from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2) or Beck (from Mighty No. 9). They get sucked into a VR world and must battle their way out. To do this they will need to navigate the perilous stages and defeat the enemy bosses that await them!

One of the biggest gameplay loops new to the game is the ability to customize your character with abilities obtained by completing stages. Once you make it through an area alive, you’ll be able to choose a rare item. You can only choose one, so to obtain them all you’ll need to replay the levels multiple times.



In order to use the upgrades, you’ll need to spend Cost Points (CP). As long as your load out value doesn’t exceed your available CP, you can create any setup and change it any time. This allows gamers to truly customize their characters and give them the power-ups they deem the most necessary and fun. Of course, by clearing courses and collecting special drops from enemies you will be able to increase your maximum CP, making your character even more badass than before.



Throughout your adventures you’ll find Pixel Stickers. These can be obtained by discovering them as you explore the various stages, obtaining rare drops by defeating enemies, and other secret ways that you’ll have to discover for yourself.



The Nintendo Switch version will utilize the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble feature in a unique way. If you choose to spend your CP on the Dowsing ability, the HD Rumble will alert you to nearby secret areas and hidden items.



To increase your score you will want to excel at Burst Combos. Simply finish off an enemy up close to trigger a Burst. Chain together a bunch of Bursts to start the Combo and try to defeat the bosses with a Burst for even more points!



Mighty Gunvolt Burst is coming out on June 15, 2017 in North America via the Nintendo Switch eShop. It will also make its way to the 3DS on July 12, 2017 – either version will cost a very reasonable $9.99. This game looks pretty awesome! We’ll have a full review around release.



[Source: Official Might Gunvolt Site]


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