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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Art Leaks

One of the earliest rumors regarding Nintendo Switch games revolved around a Ubisoft/Nintendo crossover game starring Mario and Rabbids. As we near E3, the rumors have become louder and now we have what appears to be an official piece of key art leaking ahead of the big show.



The artwork matches what we’ve heard in rumors over the past months. One of the interesting tidbits that had emerged awhile back was that the characters would have arm cannons and would shoot lasers. The leaked art bears that out to a tee. We had also heard the Rabbids would dress up like their Mario counterparts, and again, that rings true as well. Of course, this could be an elaborate fake, but we are definitely leaning toward it being the real deal.

It looks like there are a wide variety of weapons, including several different cannons, a Super Scope 6-like bazooka (Yoshi’s weapon of choice), an exploding Yo-Yo, and even a trusty hammer (look at the Mario Rabbid in the upper right of the picture). If rumors pan out, the game is supposed to be a turn-based strategy RPG, but again we won’t know what is true and what’s not until Ubisoft or Nintendo decide to make a formal announcement. What do you think?



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