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Splatoon 2 Fashion Update

In addition to its wacky story, unique characters, and eclectic soundtrack, the original Splatoon has a sense of style. People paid attention to how you were dressed, and it was fun to collect new clothes. Nintendo has put a renewed focus on the outfits in Splatoon 2 and have unveiled some of the brands that you’ll encounter on July 21 when the game launches.



This brand has been gaining popularity in recent years. It combines elements from punk counterculture, with their hand-printed T-shirts and intricately customized gear providing uniqueness to the wearer. Many fans love this clothing line and there’s a lot of buzz about it.



If you’re into activewear, then this brand is for you! Their fusion of fashion with the latest technologies has resulted in some exciting pieces as well as high-tech footwear. Top athletes make this their brand of choice, and they’re becoming so popular that man items are often sold out.


Splash Mob

This branded gear is popular with those that feel a bit more grown up. The sense of luxury afforded by the elegant designs and the attention to detail in the making of the clothing is second to none. The line includes shoes, eyewear, and tops.


Toni Kensa

Fashion designer Toni Kensa has put together a collection of monotone colored clothing with structural designs. It’s not the most eye-catching line, but it’s definitely got some style to it.



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