VIDEO: Monster Hunter Double Cross Debut Trailer (Japanese)

Monster Hunter Double Cross (XX), which just released this past March for the 3DS in Japan, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 25, 2017 in that territory. For those unfamiliar, we received the first Monster Hunter X as Monster Hunter Generations in North America for the 3DS.



Getting Monster Hunter onto the Switch as quickly as possible is good news for Nintendo and Capcom. This should further accelerate the adoption rate of the Switch in Japan. The same day Monster Hunter Double Cross released, Nintendo will also have a bundle available with the game and a special Switch Dock that has some iconography from the game etched onto the front. We never even thought about special edition Docks, but now that we’ve seen one, we’re curious to see what else Nintendo does in the future!



We were expecting the sequel to come out over here sometime this year, but now with the announcement that it’s heading to the Switch we wonder how Capcom will handle this. Further complicating matters is that Nintendo of America is publishing Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS this fall in North America, leaving us to speculate that we probably won’t see Double Cross localized this year. Of course, we could be completely wrong at Capcom could surprise us at E3. We’ll keep you updated!


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