Warp Zone Podcast: June 1987

Welcome to the June 1987 episode of Warp Zone, where we cover all of the games and news from that era. This was a busy month for NES news because the Summer CES took place and Nintendo rolled out the red carpet to show off six new Game Paks, as well as ten new third party licensees. Plus they showed off the NES Advantage, a new set of 3D Glasses, and more!

We dive into the games that released in May of 1987. Listen in for our takes on BurgerTime, Ikari Warriors, and a deep dive into the very first Castlevania game. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and don’t forget to check out the Warp Zone section to see what was happening 30 years ago today.

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0:00 – Introduction Music

0:48  – Press Start


1:33 – Introduction To POW Block

1:54 – BurgerTime

9:49 – Ikari Warriors

17:46 – Castlevania


51:27 – Vampire Killer by Kinuyo Yamashita – Castlevania


52:30 – Introduction to Playing With Power

52:42 – June 1987 Issue of Computer Entertainer

1:21:55 – June 6, 1987 Video Adventures by Ed Semrad

1:28:14 – June 27, 1987 Video Adventures by Ed Semrad

1:30:55 – June 29, 1987 Washington Post “Video Games Are Back” by Mark Potts


1:37:01 – Video Game Sections At Retailers Circa 1987


1:43:52 – Thanks for listening!

1:45:00 – Wicked Child by Kinuyo Yamashita – Castlevania

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