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Best Buy Canada Offering 20% Off E3 Pre-Orders

For the past few years Best Buy in Canada has given special discounts to those who pre-order games during E3 week. This year they’re doing it again, although you must be a part of their Reward Zone Gamers Club to get the 20% discount.

What caught the eye of some Nintendo fans was the image Best Buy is using to promote the Nintendo section of this sale. It’s not a surprise to see Super Mario Odyssey grace the banner, as it’s going to be Nintendo’s huge game push this holiday and will be featured heavily at E3. However, some are wondering if the game box images below the banner are an indication that three more physical games will be revealed, since there are three boxes shown that say “To be revealed at E3”.



Now, we wouldn’t put too much stock into this, but there’s a tiny little bit more fuel to the fire because earlier today some on Reddit noticed that there were references in the HTML to Pikmin World, Super Smash Bros., and Dragon Quest XI Switch. Apparently these blank boxes were posted earlier in the year and so most people think they were just never taken down after Nintendo’s January conference where they debuted the Switch. Still, after this morning’s “discovery” Best Buy has wiped its site clean of all fake box images of those games and references on its site. This could just be to avoid causing confusion, but perhaps Nintendo requested the take-down for other reasons.

Of course, if the current page, which shows 3 blank boxes to be revealed at E3, is to be taken as truth, we can’t help but be excited to find out what they are. We know one will most likely be Mario + Rabbids. We also know from looking at the other games already up on Best Buy’s site that they won’t be Xenoblade 2 or Super Mario Odyssey as they are already reserving both games.

In the end, this is probably nothing. But, it’s still fun to speculate as they hype grows for Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight presentation, which takes place on Tuesday, June 13 at 9am PT / 11am CT / 12pm ET. It’s supposed to last roughly 25 minutes and focus only on Nintendo Switch announcements. Go here for our full E3 schedule of events.


[Source: Best Buy Canada]


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