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Images From Construction Of Nintendo’s E3 Booth

Nintendo is busy constructing its booth for this year’s E3 show. It seems like every year at least one photo of the setup leaks, and this year is no different. While there aren’t any surprises here, it’s always exciting to see what’s in store.

Going into this year’s show we already knew that Nintendo was placing a heavy focus on Super Mario Odyssey. It will be their main showcase game for this upcoming holiday shopping season. The pictures from the booth bear that out, with the first photo clearly showing a large apartment building in the background, complete with fire escape. We’ve seen the same images from New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey.



The second picture really doesn’t reveal anything that we can see (let us know if you spot something). It does serve too how where GameSpot’s booth is though! Oh, and that one dude is wearing a Bowser shirt.



The third picture really drives home the Super Mario Odyssey theme. On the far wall you can see the billboards for Crazy Cap store. These were in the Odyssey video as well, and if you look closely to the right you’ll not a sign that reads “New Donk City”. It almost looks like show attendees might be able to enter the Crazy Cap building, but that could just be an optical illusion and the construction obviously isn’t finished yet. Also of note in this picture is the amiibo sign. I wouldn’t take this as confirmation that Mario will be utilizing amiibo, as again the booth isn’t finished and that could just be there chilling until it gets formally placed.



We expect Nintendo’s booth to feature many other games. We already know that Splatoon 2, ARMS, and Pokkén Tournament DX will have areas dedicated to them, since Nintendo is hosting tournaments for each in their booth. We don’t have much longer to see everything Nintendo has to offer! For a full rundown of E3 press conference times and other activities, be sure to check out our E3 2017 page.


[Source: Wario64]

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