Nintendo Japan Trademarks Wario Land For Virtual Boy

Welcome to day one of our E3 covera… Oh what’s that? Wario Land trademark? OK, let’s try this again.

Nintendo of Japan (NCL) has filed trademarks for two older games: Wario Land for Virtual Boy and Awazon no Hihou (software for the DS that taught you recipes to cook). Wario Land is especially interesting because it’s been such a dormant series for so long – especially the Virtual Boy version. Of course with the E3 hyper meter at the max, speculation could easily run rampant.



Is Nintendo preparing a Virtual Boy Virtual Console service? Is a remake of this Wario Land game happening? Is Nintendo preparing a completely different game in the series for Switch or 3DS? I mean, I could go on, but you and I both know it’s probably nothing more than renewing the trademark for sake of keeping it in Nintendo’s domain. However, I’d love to be proven wrong in just under two hours, when Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight begins.


[Source: Japanese Nintendo]

Craig Majaski

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