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Nintendo Reveals 2-Player Co-Op Mode For Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey will have an optional 2-player co-op mode. One player will control Mario like normal, while the other will take control of Cappy, Mario’s hat. In this mode Cappy floats above Mario’s head and the second player can fly where he or she likes.

In some ways this is reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy where the second player took control of an icon to collect Star Bits and stun enemies. Although this does look like it will be more fun for Player 2 this go round. Special puzzles will be in place that encourages both players to play together in tandem. For example, in one section of the game Mario must pick up a seed and carry it across the level. With his hands full he can’t attack all of the enemies, so it’s up to the second player to take control of the hat and defeat the incoming baddies.

This special mode was revealed in today’s Nintendo Treehouse Live. We will post video from that segment later tonight.


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