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Playing With Super Power: Super NES Classics Book On The Way

Last year when the NES Classic Edition was released, Prima released a book titled “Playing With Power: NES Classics”. It was a 320 page compilation guide covering many of the games included on the NES Classic Edition. The articles and tips were straight out of Nintendo Power and affiliated guides, and it was a nice companion with the system.

Now, Prima is preparing a new book to launch alongside the Super NES Classic Edition, titled (appropriately enough) “Playing With Super Power: Super NES Classics“. It will retail for a suggested price of $44.99, although many times Amazon and others will discount books before release. We expect the guide to take a similar approach, gathering classic Nintendo Power articles and guides to cover the games included with the new mini system. According to Amazon, the book will feature:


The Console: A nostalgic celebration and exploration of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in all its 16-bit glory.

The Games: Discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about some of the most beloved SNES games, including speedrun tips and little-known facts.

The History: Learn about the SNES development and the visionaries behind this groundbreaking console.

The Legacy: An in-depth look at how the SNES has left its mark on the gaming industry, and how its legacy continues.

The Memories: From family stories to fan art to merchandise and more, this book is a love letter to fans of the Playing With Super Power era!

Hardback version with slipcase.



Craig Majaski

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