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Capcom Reportedly Beefing Up Number Of Nintendo Switch Titles

Capcom has been a difficult company to read lately, especially when it comes to its support of the Nintendo Switch. Although listed as a key partner at the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch in January, Capcom hasn’t delivered much in the way of software for Nintendo’s machine. It managed to squeeze out a port of an ancient game (Ultra Street Fighter II) and released it for double the cost on competing systems. Next month it will release Monster Hunter XX in Japan, a game that has already appeared on the 3DS earlier this year. I really don’t consider second-hand ports of games already released elsewhere as great support – but it’s better than nothing (although we’re still waiting to see if Monster Hunter XX will ever get localized outside of Japan).

Other perplexing moves have raised eyebrows. Take Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 or The Disney Afternoon Collection for example. Both of these titles are compilations of games that originally appeared on Nintendo consoles! Yet, they’re completely missing in a action on the Switch. Yeah, that makes sense.

At a recent earnings meeting, Capcom admitted that sales of Ultra Street Fighter II were better than anticipated, selling around 450,000 during its first quarter. This has led management at the company to devote more resources toward Switch development. That’s great news! We can’t wait to hear what they have in the pipeline.



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