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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch

One of the more recent standout hits from Square Enix was Dragon Quest Builders – a Minecraft-style game set in the world of the familiar Japanese RPG. In addition to building things, the game offered up a ton of missions and players had to go out and scavenge the world for new materials to build specific structures.

Over the weekend at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Japan, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Builders 2. This new title will be coming to both the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018 in that country. There hasn’t been an official announcement of it releasing in the west, but since the original made it over with some success we don’t see why it wouldn’t get released over here.



New to the sequel is the addition of a multiplayer mode that supports up to four people. New features also include the ability to swim underwater, more variety in the landscapes and the blocks you can stack, and a new glider that allows players to drop down from high points (sort of like Breath of the Wild). We’re excited to learn more in the months ahead!


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