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Classic Squiffer Comes To Splatoon 2 Tonight

Ever since Splatoon 2 launched three weeks ago, the developers have been busy working on new weapons and features. Tonight we get another weapon to try out: the Classic Squiffer. It was available in the original game and it has limited range but can charge up very quickly. More variety is always great, and we’re sure many Squid Kids will give this one a try over the weekend. Happy Splatting!



Tonight, a classic weapon will become available at Ammo Knights. Re-introducing the Classic Squiffer! This charger is a bit short on range, but can charge up quickly, allowing you to jump into the fray. You can use the Point Sensor sub weapon to sniff out hidden opponents, allowing you and your allies to overrun and outnumber marked enemies. It’s also accompanied with Ink Armor as a special. As Sheldon put it, this set’s great for anyone confident with a charger in close quarters.


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