Secret Of Mana Remake Announced For…PS4

One of the all time greatest Super NES games is coming to the PlayStation 4. That’s right, Secret of Mana from Square Enix is getting a full-on remake. It features new 3D graphics, added voice, and we presume maintains the multiplayer support the original had.

Naturally, the first reaction among Nintendo fans is, “Why no Switch version?”. Great question! Visually the game doesn’t look too intensive that it couldn’t run on the Switch, so perhaps there’s a chance Square Enix will make an announcement at a later date. We’re guessing this version was in development long before the Switch development kits were made available. With the great success of Nintendo’s new machine, we think there’s a good chance it could make its way over to the Switch, but of course it’s too early to know for sure.

Secret of Mana will come to the PlayStation 4 and the Vita early next year, on February 15, 2018. You can already pre-order it from the Sony Store for $39.99 digital. We don’t normally cover PS4 game announcements, but we thought this one would be particularly interesting to Nintendo fans.



Craig Majaski

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