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Super Beat Sports Preview

Not too long ago Harmonix created Beat Sports for the Apple TV, where users could use the Remote for motion controls. Now, they’ve adapted and changed the game to Super Beat Sports and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall. The game blends sports activities with music to create a rhythm game, not unlike something Nintendo would release in its Rhythm Heaven series of games.



The game comes packed with five sports-themed mini games. These include Throbot (Baseball hitting practice), Whackybat (hit balls with strange items), Buddyball (tennis-like return the ball to the beat), Netball (another tennis mini-game), Rhythm Racket, and Gobble Golf (looks more like hitting baseballs into the mouths of monsters). Every game has a sort of baseball motif with other sports mixed in for craziness. They’re all very strange takes on classic sports, but the game does have a fun looking aesthetic throughout.

The game can be played solo or with up to three friends for four player mayhem. You can use the Joy-Con controllers in horizontal mode for button controls or vertical for motion. Of course, the Pro Controller is supported as well.



Super Beat Sports will be coming to the Switch this fall. It’s part of a large lineup of indie games making their way to the system. Harmonix has a long history of making fun games, so we’re hopeful this one will turn out well!



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