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Sidescrolling infinite runner games have been all the rage since the App Store opened on the iPhone. Of course, GOOD infinite runner gamers can be more difficult to parse. Thankfully we have Runner3 coming to the Nintendo Switch in early 2018. The game was originally slated for this fall, but sometimes games need a little longer in the oven. Plus, let’s be honest, this fall is crazy loaded with quality games, so the delay is probably for the best.



Runner3 is the latest entry in the BIT.TRIP series and you once again take control of CommanderVideo. You’ll have to navigate him through the various levels with rhythm-music gameplay that gets you in the groove of platforming with style. New to this sequel are Hero Quests, vehicles, branching paths, an item shop, and new collectibles. You’ll have to defeat the Timbletot to restore peace to the multiverse. Are you up to the challenge?



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