Super Meat Boy Forever Preview

Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to the mega hit that challenged gamers to try and traverse a world filled with hazards. We’re still waiting for the original game to arrive on Switch, but for now an announcement of the sequel is pretty awesome news.



This time around Dr. Fetus is being a jerk again and has kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s baby named Nugget. Like the original title, you’ll have to jump, slide, punch and kick your way through each of the stages. There are a total of six chapters that contain randomly constructed levels. The cool thing is that the difficulty increases on these courses each time you rank them up. So, after you’ve beaten a level you can replay it with higher difficulty. If you’re craving for even more insanity, be sure to check out the Dark World for extremely hard levels.

Super Meat Boy Forever is scheduled to arrive on the Nintendo Switch next spring. Until then, snap into a Slim Jim.



Craig Majaski

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