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Dragon Marked For Death Preview


Inti Creates has been on a roll lately with Nintendo Switch eShop games. I really enjoyed Blaster Master Zero (where’s Ninja Gaiden Zero?) and now they’re working on something completely original: Dragon Marked For Death.

This new game is an action RPG featuring 2D side-scrolling graphics. Up to four players can team up in either local or online multiplayer. You’ll play through the game as one of the four Dragonkin characters. They have forged a pact with dragons, which granted them new powers. Your character choices include: Witch (Healer & Magic Damage Dealer), Warrior (Tank class with high defense), Shinobi (DPS with tricky attacks), or Princess (well-balanced DPS).

As has been the case with many of its games, Inti Creates is once again crafting their world and characters using pixel art. The graphics have a wonderful old school look to them, but at the same time look great!

According to the developers, Dragon Marked For Death will be a massive game for its genre. Some stages span up to 400 screens and there are over 30 main quests, tons of side quests to tackle, and plenty of stuff to find and do. They recommend teaming up with other players to vanquish the evil monsters that wait. Oh, and did we mention absolutely gigantic bosses that are bigger than the entire screen? Yeah, this game’s looking hot! It’s supposed to make it out this year, so here’s hoping!


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