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Oxenfree Preview

The Nintendo Switch is quickly filling in the blanks when it comes to missing genres from its library. Thanks to the fine folks at Night School Studios, the creepy supernatural adventure niche is about to be filled with Oxenfree.

The game begins with a group of high school friends venturing off to a mysterious island to explore and to just hang out. You play as Alex who brings her stepbrother Jonas along to scope out the old military island. As you venture forth you’ll be presented with dialog options to steer the story. You soon discover not all is right with the creepy island. After you accidentally open a ghostly gate you’ll have to figure out how to survive the ominous creatures you’ve unleashed!

As you play through the adventure you’ll be forming relationships based on how you react and answer conversations. You’ll be able to communicate with the specters via an old radio, which will reveal numerous mysteries that must be unraveled to make it through the night unscathed.

The Nintendo Switch version of Oxenfree allows for touchscreen use when played out of the dock. The game also supports all controller modes and even incorporates HD Rumble for some intense shocks. The game is scheduled to launch on October 6, making it the perfect adventure game for Halloween!




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