Super Mario Run Gets New Content And Limited Time Pricing

Super Mario Run has received a substantial free update that adds content to the game. A brand new world has been added that will unlock once you’ve completed specific challenges in the original courses.

A brand new mode called Remix 10 has been made available as well. This mode contains 10 short courses to play through while listening to brand new remixed music. Each course contains three stars to collect and you can unlock new decorations and buildings. It’s a great way to get a quick fix and a lot of fun to boot!

If you haven’t already purchased the game, it’s currently half off from today through October 12. It’s well worth the $4.99 and is one of the better mobile games out there. Give it a try!



The new Super Mario Run update is here, and there are LOTS of new things to discover. Plus, take advantage of the $4.99 USD limited time special pricing – check it out:

Remix 10

It takes one Rally Ticket to play through one set of 10 short, fast-paced courses. Daisy is lost somewhere along the way, so if you play enough courses you’ll be able to find her! There are also tons of 10-course sets to play—and you can even unlock decorations, buildings, and more.

World ★

Buy the game now and World ★ will become available once you complete certain challenges of the original courses. There are some new courses to explore, including a forest, a ship packed with coins, and a whole airship armada. Each course adds a whole new level of fun!

Princess Daisy

Beat short courses in Remix 10 mode to unlock Princess Daisy as a playable character. Using the new action “double jump”, you can enjoy the course with a different gameplay feel from previous characters.


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