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Moonlighter Announced For Nintendo Switch

One of my favorite RPGs on the NES was Dragon Warrior IV. One of the most memorable chapters of the game had you play a shopkeeper, which was completely unique to anything I had done in an RPG up to that point. You’d go out into the caves and dungeons in search of rare treasures so you could sell them in your shop.

Now, a new game called Moonlighter is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. It shares a similar concept. You play as Will a shopkeeper by day and an adventurer by night. You’ll have to manage your shop by finding loot and stocking your shelves. It looks really unique and I’m loving the art style.



It all began with an archaeological excavation and the discovery of the Gates. People quickly realized that the ancient passages led to new realms and dimensions, and the small village of Rynoka was founded, providing brave and reckless adventurers with treasures beyond measure.

Moonlighter is the story of Will, a dexterous shopkeeper by day who secretly dreams of becoming a hero while stocking his shelves. By night, Will ventures into the dungeons behind the Gates to vanquish the monsters within and fill his pack with loot.

One part rogue-lite and one part shop management, Moonlighter from 11 bit studios and Digital Sun sends you into the dungeons in search of loot to fill your shelves. But, the shop won’t run itself. Between runs, you’ll need to set prices, craft new wares, hire assistants, and keep sticky-fingered shoplifters at bay.


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