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Switch Firmware 4.0.0 Adds GameCube Controller Functionality

When the Nintendo Switch received the latest system update to 4.0.0, Nintendo documented the additional features. The biggest ones were the ability to record 30-second videos and transfer system profiles to another Switch.

Since then, people have been discovering other small enhancements that Nintendo neglected to mention. We now know that certain wireless headphones will work if they have a USB adapter that you can plug into the Switch dock. The section that tells you how much time you’ve spent playing each game has been revamped to show more granular data by the hour for the first 10 hours.

And now, it has been discovered you can use a GameCube controller on games that support the Switch Pro Controller. All you need is a Wii U GameCube adapter that then plugs into the Switch dock’s USB port and you’re set! It doesn’t work great on all games, especially ones that require features and buttons that the GameCube controller lacks. However, could this possibly be a clue that Super Smash Bros. might be closer to release than anyone thought? It’s tough to say for sure, but you never know with Nintendo!

[Source: GameXplain]


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