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Over 200 Games Now Available On Nintendo Switch eShop

Back when the Nintendo Switch was initially unveiled at the Japanese press conference in January, some gamers were disappointed and downright fearful that the new console wouldn’t have enough games at launch and going forward. Indeed, Nintendo did keep some games close to its chest and third party support has been slow to appear.

However, one area where Nintendo has done an amazing job is supporting indie developers. They have taken to the console big time, and we can see that with the sheer number of games now available to download via the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. It has now surpassed over 200 digital games! Nintendo UK has created an animated gif that shows how much the system library has grown over the past few months. Let’s hope the quality of the games remains high and that we’re not buried in a bunch of shovelware next year!



[Source: Nintendo UK]


Craig Majaski

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